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How about a car with a Robo head entertainign you in your journey?

Posted by Charu on February 13, 2009

Sounds amazing, isn’t it? But this is the reality now. We saw many movies, serials, and technology shows featuring talking cars. But none of them were havingĀ  an assistant to help driver in journey until, when Nissan unveiled its first ever robotic car Pivo 2. Its a next generation car of their concept car Pivo, which was first shown in 2005 Tokyo Autoshow.

So what’s special about this car? Pivo 2 is pretty different than today’s almost every concept car. Its robotic assistant has made Pivo 2 more driver friendly, which was not actually a part original Pivo. It was first unveiled in 2008 Geneva Motor Show.

pivoThe Nissan Pivo 2 literally turns 3600 on its wheels, That means driver never need reverse park again. Simply drive into the space, turn the car wheels & drive out again. You are now in a parking. The built in pop-up robot to the dashboard is able reads the facial expressions of the driver. If the driver appears stressed or confused the robot will talk to them and offer advice. And while this car is still only an idea, the team behind it believe it could provide a real insight into the future of road transport.

This environmetal freindly elctric car, desinged for urab commuter is really going to rock the world by creatig an ultimate realtionship and giving some glimpse of future robot edge. Here is an amazing video of Pivo 2, describing the entire concept.


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