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First Step Towards Future

Posted by Charu on January 21, 2009

Greetings to all. After 11 months from now, we will be stepping in new decade. Everybody is now talking about future, how it will be, what it will include and how the mankind will be living? Its pretty interesting for everyone to just imagine about thnmo42e future. We have experienced it through many movies, serial, shows, cartoons, and books. However, with this first blog, I have started to move towards to future. I hope you will like this.

We are experiencing a future concept boom in every field, right from a simple cellphone to a lavishly decorated and fully automated future green homes. Cellphone giant Nokia has already released footage of one of its concept cellphone, ‘Morph’.

Morph is the first concept device designed with the nano-technology, which is going to replace all mankind’s one of most needed device, a cell phone. This multi-functioned super cell phone is set to be released before next decade ends, probably in 2018 or 2020. Watch the complete footage of this future techno device, its truly amazing.

I found this extensive video of Nokia Morph, although its an animation, but it is amazing.


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