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Renault’s Green Revolution is on its Way

Posted by Charu on April 10, 2009

Welcome to Geneva 2009 motor Show. You must be amazed by the model being displayed there. I know this Auto Car Show is a biggest hit and of course most visited as well. Till date we have seen environment friendly cars, rather battery operated cars that are pretty popular amongst people. Many of us Already have started to drive these cars. Nissan Pivo 2, BMW GINA, some names to be consider (You can read about them in my previous posts, these two are awesome).

But the thing is, in this year’s Auto Show, Renault showed there first ever electric vehicle concept ZE. This green revolutionary concept is actually green. Its interior is lined with fresh green layer. Even window glasses have light green tint, and this makes ZE amazingly looking car for nature.

Renault’s ZE was first unveil in Paris 2008 Autoshow held in October 2008. It returned in Geneva Auto show with some minor modifications and rocked the show. The car is been scheduled for mass production from 2011. So we just need to wait for another two years to see this green revolution on the road.

Length (mm) 3,945
Width (mm) 1,856
Height (mm) 1,748
Height with tailgate open (mm) 1,902
Wheelbase (mm) 2,406
Front track (mm) 1,572
Rear track (mm) 1,572
Front overhang (mm) 794
Rear overhang (mm) 745
Unlade weight (kg) 1,520
Technical data:
Power source Electric motor
Power output Peak output: 70kW (95hp).
Continuous output: 50kW
Maximum torque 226Nm
Battery type Lithium-ion
Transmission Direct with front/rear reducer
Traction Electric
Tyres 245/35R21
Wheels Diameter: 21″/Width: 8.5″

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How about a car with a Robo head entertainign you in your journey?

Posted by Charu on February 13, 2009

Sounds amazing, isn’t it? But this is the reality now. We saw many movies, serials, and technology shows featuring talking cars. But none of them were havingĀ  an assistant to help driver in journey until, when Nissan unveiled its first ever robotic car Pivo 2. Its a next generation car of their concept car Pivo, which was first shown in 2005 Tokyo Autoshow.

So what’s special about this car? Pivo 2 is pretty different than today’s almost every concept car. Its robotic assistant has made Pivo 2 more driver friendly, which was not actually a part original Pivo. It was first unveiled in 2008 Geneva Motor Show.

pivoThe Nissan Pivo 2 literally turns 3600 on its wheels, That means driver never need reverse park again. Simply drive into the space, turn the car wheels & drive out again. You are now in a parking. The built in pop-up robot to the dashboard is able reads the facial expressions of the driver. If the driver appears stressed or confused the robot will talk to them and offer advice. And while this car is still only an idea, the team behind it believe it could provide a real insight into the future of road transport.

This environmetal freindly elctric car, desinged for urab commuter is really going to rock the world by creatig an ultimate realtionship and giving some glimpse of future robot edge. Here is an amazing video of Pivo 2, describing the entire concept.

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Gina – a car that maintains her shape

Posted by Charu on January 22, 2009

Back in 80’s everybody was fascinated by a TV serial called Knight Rider, starred David Hasselhoff, with his Pontiac Trans Am. The car portrayed as a super car, able to secure her inside mate and to fight with those who are against law and order. The series soon became popular amongst viewers only due to modern concept car used in it.

Since then, rather prior to that also, future car exhibitions were on high, and still it is one of most successful exhibitions being held on earth. In these days also, millions of people visit these auto shows to taste the future. Six months back in Munich Auto Show BMW unveiled its fabric-laid concept car named, ‘GINA – Geometry and Functions In “N” Adaptions,’.gina

Although this model is still in experimental stage, however, this is sure going to be a future that entire humnaity eill have accept. And of course that is worth to enjoy having a car that can alter her shape or can be your real friend.

Check these some more pics of GINA.

Check out the Chris Bangle‘s video too; he is director of Design BMW Group.

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