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Gina – a car that maintains her shape

Posted by Charu on January 22, 2009

Back in 80’s everybody was fascinated by a TV serial called Knight Rider, starred David Hasselhoff, with his Pontiac Trans Am. The car portrayed as a super car, able to secure her inside mate and to fight with those who are against law and order. The series soon became popular amongst viewers only due to modern concept car used in it.

Since then, rather prior to that also, future car exhibitions were on high, and still it is one of most successful exhibitions being held on earth. In these days also, millions of people visit these auto shows to taste the future. Six months back in Munich Auto Show BMW unveiled its fabric-laid concept car named, ‘GINA – Geometry and Functions In “N” Adaptions,’.gina

Although this model is still in experimental stage, however, this is sure going to be a future that entire humnaity eill have accept. And of course that is worth to enjoy having a car that can alter her shape or can be your real friend.

Check these some more pics of GINA.

Check out the Chris Bangle‘s video too; he is director of Design BMW Group.


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